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Gambling on Stem Cell Research

Thursday, November 1st, 2007 by Dr. Dennis Sullivan

In a surprising development for the Garden State, a recent poll shows that nearly half of New Jersey citizens want to leave. Economic factors such as high property taxes, high health-insurance premiums, and expensive housing are making emigration more and more appealing, especially to the middle-class.

The solution? Governor John Corzine wants to borrow half a billion dollars more and invest it in embryonic stem cell research. Presumably, he thinks this is worth the risk, since some predict there will be a huge jackpot if his gamble pays off.

Of course, he is flying in the face of facts. No studies currently show any benefit to human beings, and in mice embryonic stem cells cause tumors. Assemblyman John Rooney said, “We’ve taken a failed [area of] research and are now giving them money with no strings attached.”

Don’t worry. Future governors can just raise taxes further to pay for this huge gamble.

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