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Still Pushing the Limits with Abortion

August 23rd, 2016 by Dr. Dennis Sullivan

Month 7

(by guest blogger Dr. Mark Pinkerton)

It has been over a year since the shocking release of undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the price of fetal body parts. Despite those disclosures, the abortion industry continues some very questionable practices. According to a recent news report, a congressional committee sent a letter to the New Mexico attorney general. The letter detailed how the University of New Mexico provided whole aborted fetuses from an abortion clinic as dissection specimens for a high school summer camp. The news article went on to state, “the students dissected the babies and had no feelings for the babies.”

As a physician, I understand the importance of anatomical dissection. If this were a camp for teens aspiring to be physicians, dissecting would be very educational. Is a human fetus the best choice for this purpose? Prior to medical school, I dissected a piglet and a cat. Once I got to med school, we employed adult human specimens, but only with that person’s prior consent to donate. Our dissection lab started with a moment of silence to respect the life and personhood this body once contained. But the casual use of late-term fetuses for a high school camp seems callous.

Is this what happens after years of society teaching us that our life is a merely the product of natural evolution? Is this how life is treated if viewed without a soul? It is time for our society to return to treating one another, including the recently deceased, with respect. No matter your religion or politics, human dignity demands it.

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  1. John Silvius Says:

    Thank you, Dr. Pinkerton, for your personal response to the continuing progression of hardening of hearts and insensitivity of many in our culture toward the treatment of individual human lives. Your account of your own educational experience in the anatomy laboratory makes clear the need for science teachers/professors to maintain an atmosphere of reverence and respect for life and all aspects of God’s creation as appropriate. There is no justification for humans to take the life of an animal or to use a human cadaver for educational purposes without learning due respect and reverence for life. Just as use of animals is appropriately preparatory for students who may eventually learn from dissection of a human cadaver, so that early experience with animals should aim to inculcate proper respect and reverence for non-human forms of life as a step toward recognizing the sanctity of human life.

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