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July 30, 2006

This Web log reflects my own views about human life, and what gives each one of us dignity and value. In spite of new biotechnologies and the marvels brought about by medical science, the basics of our existence haven’t changed throughout history.

What does it mean to be human? Those who adhere to a high Judeo-Christian perspective believe it means a great deal. Others hold to a secular humanism that defines man in reductionist terms, a mere product of time and chance.

Is every human being a person? To be a person is to be a member of the moral community, to have moral worth. This blog will defend the conception view of personhood: a human being is a person from the moment of conception and at every subsequent moment. In other words, a human being is a person by virtue of being a human being. To put it another way: there is no such thing as a human non-person.

The nature of humanity informs many major issues in our public discourse: abortion, reproductive technologies, human embryonic stem cell research, cloning, assisted suicide, euthanasia, genomics, and resource allocation. Let’s talk – your comments are welcome!

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