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October 7, 2010

The Council of Europe, composed of 47 member countries, will soon debate a resolution to “regulate the right of conscientious objection” in health care. If the resolution passes, this would have chilling effects for European health care professionals. The measure outlines three key provisions in regard to abortion:

1) The obligation to perform the procedure “in case of emergency”
2) A prohibition for persons participating “indirectly” in the procedure to exercise their right of conscience
3) The establishment of an official list of conscientious objectors

Hmm, this means that pro-life doctors might be mandated to perform abortions in some circumstances, in spite of their moral scruples. Furthermore, nurses and allied health professionals will be obligated to assist in all such procedures — no right of conscience for them. And finally, there will be a list — a “black list” if you will, of “objectors,” exposing such individuals to discrimination and recrimination. If this doesn’t bother you, just think of the McCarthy era in America in the 1950’s to better picture how this might work.

Pay attention as this issue plays out, for as the Council of Europe goes, so will the United States go in the near future.

I have added my name to a petition to appose these draconian measures, that violate the Hippocratic tradition of medicine that has held sway for 2400 years (see petition link below). Please also consider signing, and join me in prayer.

Petition (in French, but click on the British flag to review in English)

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