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January 24, 2017

Bioethics in Faith and Practice has just published its latest issue. As we close out 2016, the New Year brings many ethical challenges. This edition of the journal features dilemmas at the beginning of life, the end of life, and in the laboratory. Features in this issue:

The first editorial discusses the new trend to facilitate assisted suicide, now legal by statute in five states. This is a dangerous trend, with serious negative implications for modern medicine. Dr. Kuruvilla, our Managing Editor, then discusses the new CRISPR technology, a novel new gene-editing technology that may allow for some truly breathtaking possibilities, especially in the fight against cancer. But there are many hidden ethical dangers.

The first of our full-length articles in this issue is by attorney Gregory Smith, and deals with the thorny issue of the persistent vegetative state (PVS). Using a perspective from Catholic moral philosophy, he asks if artificial nutrition and hydration are always obligatory in such cases.

Finally, pastor and hospital chaplain Mark Lones discusses the issue of reproductive surrogacy. His analysis gives us multiple reasons to consider surrogacy highly problematic from an ethical perspective.

All of these articles, along with the Senior Editor’s preview, are available in the Cedarville University Digital Commons, at this link.


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