LifeTech is Coming!

September 5, 2017

(By Guest Blogger Keegan D’Alfonso)

The annual LifeTech Conference is coming to Cedarville University this September 16th. From the LifeTech website:

LifeTech is an organization of engineers and software developers seeking to expand the use of technology in the pro-life movement.


The conference will host prominent pro-life advocates and experts, including some of Cedarville’s own. Dr. Thomas Mach, Vice-President of Academics, will provide opening remarks. Other Cedarville speakers will include Dr. Dennis Sullivan, Director of the Center for Bioethics, speaking on new controversies in brain death; Dr. Nelson Henning, Social Work Chairman, on the ethical challenges related to Down Syndrome; and PharmD student Stephanie Cailor, on the use of abortive vaccines to prevent pregnancy.

The event is free for all students (or $30.00 to include lunch). Others may register for $60. For registration details and the full schedule, visit


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