The Ethics of Orphans

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November 9, 2017

(By guest blogger Kristin Wynalda, 2010 Cedarville alumna)

“Oh, so you’re out to save the embryos.”

That’s the first reaction when some people hear that I’m a bioethicist. And it’s true, I’m passionate about protecting pre-born kids from having their lives ended prematurely. But I’m committed to saving all children.

For several years now, our home has provided respite care for foster children and for fostering families. Our role is a bit different from normal foster care, because children who stay with us have an end date, after which they will return to their full-time foster family, usually within a few weeks. We play a supportive role, helping foster families thrive by caring for their foster children when they cannot.

My bioethics training has taught me about justice, about resource management, and about who has the right to make medical decisions. But these aren’t just theories. I have seen these ideas at work in the lives of children with deep needs. And there are many situations that seem to violate what is right and what is ethical. Sometimes just the county a child lives in determines if they get the resources they need, or even if they can be reunited with their birth parents.

As a bioethicist, my belief in the sanctity of life covers all lives. I have chosen to serve as a respite care provider, but there are many other ways to help. This may include taking a meal to a fostering family, supporting foster care organizations, or voting for politicians who defend the rights of foster children through legislation.

So no, it’s not just about embryos. It’s about all children who need our help. There are nearly 428,000 children currently in foster care in America, and many more parentless children around the world. This year, Orphan Sunday is on Sunday, November 12, 2017.

Will you join me in praying for and serving these needy children?

Christian Alliance for Orphans

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