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Is it Ethical to Pay for Organs?

July 24, 2008

Technological developments in medicine are making organ transplants fairly routine. When I first entered medical school in the 1970s, a kidney transplant was a major intervention. There were significant side effects to the drugs used to prevent rejection, and the mortality and morbidity rates were high. Today, however, kidney transplants... View Article

Cash for Kidneys?

October 16, 2007

In a move that is likely to stir debate, medical and public policy groups are suggesting some fundamental changes in the way we regard organ transplantation. Consider the case at a New York medical center where a woman and her brother were both operated on at the same time. One... View Article

Desperate Donors

August 24, 2006

Anyone who doubts that there are terrible human rights abuses in the world should consider the latest news on “transplant tourism.” This is the practice where rich Americans go overseas to a less developed country to purchase an organ for transplant. Perhaps you have kidney failure, and don’t wish to... View Article